The 101 on Xylitol Honey

The perfect alternative for people with diabetes, allergies, and ADHD, or who are on special diets.

What’s better than natural honey?

Delicious, sugar-free xylitol honey, of course.

Boasting the beautiful golden color and liquid consistency of real honey, our Xylitol Honey has been a success since its introduction nearly 10 years ago.

The perfect alternative for people with diabetes, allergies, and ADHD, this versatile honey substitute is a great addition to morning or afternoon tea, delectable desserts, and beyond.  

Sweeten up bland healthy cereals with it without feeling guilty, or incorporate it into your favorite pie recipe for a tasty post-dinner treat. Drizzle some of the Xylitol Honey over peanut butter to create an explosion of flavor, or generously pour some on your pancakes to create a gourmet breakfast. Whatever you do— and whichever way you use it— we’re sure you’re bound to fall in love at first bite.

Gluten-free and keto-certified, our Xylitol Honey also aligns with most— if not every— kind of special diet. Did we mention it’s kosher, too?

Made from Birch in the USA

The main ingredient in our alternative honey sweetener is— as you might have already guessed— Xylitol. 

Harvested from birch trees in the United States, our Xylitol is all-natural, non-GMO, and contains no corn ingredients or corn by-products. Xylitol produced in the United States is subject to strict FDA standards, resulting in a high-quality product that we are proud to call our own.

Safe for diabetics with a low glycemic index, our Xylitol Honey won’t spike blood sugar or insulin, and can even aid in weight loss as part of a healthy diet. Unlike any other sweetener, our Xylitol Honey also fights plaque, inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.

Bottom Line

When it comes to adding a sweet, healthy-ish kick to a dish or recipe, trust that our Xylitol Honey delivers a honey taste, without the carbs.

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