Xylitol 1000ct Packets

Sweeteness level :

1 teaspoon of xylitol =1 and 1/2 teaspoons of sugar.

Xylitol is one of the most popular sweeteners worldwide due to its unparalleled health benefits! Health Garden xylitol is derived from hardwood and contains no corn or corn by-products, it is tooth friendly and recommended by dentist worldwide. Health Garden xylitol is suitable for Keto diets, Paleo diets, kids with ADHD and diabetics. Xylitol pours like sugar, making it perfect for use in cooking and low-rise baking.



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More Details

Xylitol is produced by extracting the all-natural sugar alcohol contained in hardwood. Because we use no corn ingredients, Health Garden’s xylitol is certified gluten-free and safe for people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or sensitivity.

Extensive studies have concluded that xylitol is safe to use in daily consumption. Xylitol can help manage diabetes, hypertension and obesity when used as part of a healthy lifestyle! In addition, without sugar the bacteria do not stick well to the teeth which casues a decrease of plaque. Xylitol can even stimulate saliva to repair damaged enamel, hence why many toothpaste brands and mouthwash include xylitol for its powerful impact.

How to use?:

Xylitol is a versatile sweetener due to its pure, sweet taste and can be used in a variety of ways. Add xylitol to your favorite drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, lemonade, cocktails and sparkling water. Xylitol can also be added to yogurts, smoothies, sauces, marinades, jams and salad dressings. Use xylitol in your favorite recipes as a sugar substitute and you will never go back!

Stomach pain?:

Xylitol is usually well tolerated by most people. However, some people may be more sensitive to xylitol, especially in large amounts. For people with preexisting digestive issues, we recommend introducing xylitol slowly to your diet, which will allow your body to adjust gradually to the increased amount.

Dental Benefits:

What causes tooth decay? Foods containing sugar provide bacteria with energy, allowing them to multiply. As the bacteria digest the sugar, they produce acids that gradually eat away at the enamel that protects the surface of teeth, causing tooth decay and cavities to form. How does xylitol help? The bacteria are unable to digest xylitol, which reduces the overall amount of bacteria. No acid is formed so the protective enamel layer is unharmed. The reduction in acid also keeps the pH level of saliva neutral which helps protect the teeth. In addition, without sugar the bacteria has trouble sticking to teeth which casues a decrease in plaque. Xylitol can even stimulate saliva to repair damaged enamel! Many brands of toothpaste and mouthwash include xylitol for its powerful impact.

Safe for pets?:

Xylitol is 100% safe for people to consume, however, numerous studies have shown that xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs and other pets and can be fatal if ingested. Keep xylitol and products containing xylitol out of reach of pets. If you suspect your pet has eaten something containing xylitol, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Q: How many carbs are in xylitol per serving?
A: 4g, but its fiber content deducts them to 0 net carbs.

Q: How many calories are there per serving?
A: 9.6 calories

Q: Is the only ingredient xylitol, nothing else?
A: Yes, the only ingredient is xylitol.

Q: Is this brand of hardwood xylitol GMO-Free?
A: Health Garden products are certified Non-GMO.

Q: Is xylitol safe for pets?
A: No, xylitol is not safe for pets.

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