Our Monk Fruit Sweeteners are some of our best selling products but what exactly is Monk Fruit? Where does it come from and what are its benefits? We’re here to answer all these questions.

Monk Fruit Sweetener, also referred to as Monk Sugar, is extracted from the exotic monk fruit, which has been used by the ancient Chinese for medicinal purposes as well as a sweetener, for centuries. It is a zero on the glycemic index, has zero calories and is virtually indiscernible in taste from regular sugar.

Health Garden Monk Sugar contains pure Monk Sugar and natural Erythritol without any artificial additives or flavors. It comes in two varieties, one a golden texture, which can be used in recipes in place of brown sugar, and one a classic texture, which can replace sugar in virtually any recipe without affecting taste or texture. We also have introduced Monk Fruit packets for easy use and travel.

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