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How to De-Stress at Home, According to Health Experts

Whether it’s the pandemic, current politics, or the end of summer, times have never been more stressful. Luckily with the world’s resources pooled across the web, we have access to as many tips, tricks, and strategies as we have stressors. Embrace these peaceful strategies and have your mental health match your body’s with all the healthy products you eat.

  1. Don’t think of yoga as a work out (even though some of the poses have even us sweating). There’s a reason why yoga imagery goes hand and hand with a zen state of mind. Instead of thinking all you can gain from yoga is flexibility, know that the true benefit of yoga are the breathing exercises. Stretching to the cadence of certain breathing techniques can do everything from lessen the effects of panic, get you ready for an important event, or clear your anxious energy before bed.  Instead of attending with a class full of people, you can learn everything you need to know through a few exclusive streaming options or instructional YouTube videos. Yoga can also be beneficial by teaching you muscle relaxation techniques that allows you to channel stress from your body just by stretching. Meditation by learning to clear your mind and bring yourself to the present is another component of yoga that can be combined with deep breathing techniques. 
  2. When particularly stressed or going through emotional turmoil, writing is an often recommended tip that sees a lot of positive results. Instead of Facebook posts or the next great American novel, by writing we mean journaling your thoughts and anxieties. Just by putting your stress on paper you’ll be better able to focus your thinking and channel your emotions more naturally. You can partake in numerous writing exercises such as writing all of your problems out and what the possible solutions are. While you likely won’t come up with a genius one size fits all solution, you’ll find yourself better able to manage what’s giving you so much grief.
  3. Warm baths and a little aromatherapy go a long way. By stimulating your sense of touch and smell you can almost literally scrub all of the worries from your body and mind. Instead of trying to become clean, make your bath as mentally soothing as you possibly can. Light some lavender candles or (better yet) go for a lavender bath bomb that will instantly make you sigh with relief due to lavender’s trademark anti-anxiety elements. Make your bath even more soothing by playing soft music (or whatever puts you in a peaceful state of mind) while you soak in the warm water. Vanilla, cinnamon, rosemary and lemon are all scents that have been shown to have anxiety reducing effects (though their results vary from person to person). After your peaceful bath try rubbing on some scented lotion or skin cream to keep yourself feeling good. 

Combined with a healthy diet, you can improve your mental health and destress from the troubles of the world with just a little bit of effort and trial and error. The best part? You don’t have to even leave your home to  do so. 

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