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7 Health Garden Customers Reveal their Summer Health Resolutions

This week, we spoke to 7 of our most loyal customers about their summer health resolutions. From cutting down on alcohol (goodbye, happy hour!) to simply becoming more active throughout the week, here’s what they had to say. “This year I’ve decided to get outside of my comfort zone more. It’s not specific, it’s not …

5 Sweet Desserts for Dad this Father’s Day

Trust us: These sweet treats are way better than a tie. Lemon Tart Boasting a creamy, zesty lemon curd filling, this buttery Lemon Tart pastry – via Australia’s Best Recipes –  is sure to please dad. Just be sure to swap the sugar for any of our Monk Fruit selections. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Blondies …

10 People Open Up About Why They Cut Out Sugar

Here, 10 Health Garden customers open up about why they finally broke up with the sweet stuff.

Agave vs. Blue Agave: What’s the Difference?

Hint: One is in your margaritas, while the other is in your sweets.

Get to Know Some of Our Gluten-Free Sweeteners

With a seemingly endless selection of gluten-free sweeteners, we’ve got something for everyone.

How to Enjoy Your Iced Coffee Sugar-Free

How do you sugar iced coffee without, well… sugar?

Sugar-Free Desserts You Won’t Get Enough Of

Delicious desserts without refined sugar? Two words: Yes, please.

Sugar-Free vs. No Added Sugar: What’s the Difference?

Do sugar-conscious shoppers truly know the difference between the two claims?

Agave Syrup: A Vegan Alternative to Honey

A syrupy delight that’s sweeter than honey— and vegan.

I Quit: 11 People Open Up About the Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Is it time to break up with the sweet stuff?

Cracking the Coconut Sugar Craze

Should you be cuckoo for coconut sugar?

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

Not bad, bees. Not bad at all.

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