5 Sweet Desserts for Dad this Father’s Day

Trust us: These sweet treats are way better than a tie.

Trust us: These sweet treats are way better than a tie.

Lemon Tart

Boasting a creamy, zesty lemon curd filling, this buttery Lemon Tart pastry – via Australia’s Best Recipes –  is sure to please dad. Just be sure to swap the sugar for any of our Monk Fruit selections.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Blondies

What do you get when you mix bacon, chocolate, and cheesecake? This delightfully sweet and savory dessert that’s sure to keep dad coming back for more.

Jumbleberry Crumble

Via Taste of Home, this decadent Jumbleberry Crumble recipe is deliciously sweet and best served with a dollop of creamy whipped topping. Pro tip: To cut back on the sugary-ness, swap the ⅔ of sugar for Allulose.

Keto Chocolate Cake

Chocoholics, rejoice! Not only is this recipe via The Baking ChocolaTess jam-packed with rich, fudgey flavor, it’s also keto. A satisfying treat after lunch or dinner, this cake also works well on birthdays, BBQs, and beyond.

Almond Shortbread Cookies

The warm, sweet aroma and nostalgic taste of this Almond Shortbread Cookie recipe via So Nourished makes this the perfect dessert to enjoy without any guilt. Did we mention it’s also keto?

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