Feeling the mid-afternoon slump extra hard? Skip the extra cup of coffee or “energy drinks” and try these easy and natural ways to boost your energy.

B Vitamins
B12 is the known as the energy vitamin. If your b12 deficient, low energy can be one of the first symptoms. To increase your B12 levels try eating salmon, beef, eggs, cottage cheese or feta cheese

Vegetable Juice
Vegetable juice helps eliminate toxins from your body while feeding your cells with natural nutrients. Skip over the store bought stuff that are filled with sugars and preservative and make your own! We like to combine carrots, ginger, a pear, apple and some lemon juice for a great mid-day energy boost. For a more savory option try beets with carrot and apples.

If you’re not drinking enough water, one of the first signs is fatigue. Dehydration cal also cause a number of other symptoms such as mental fogginess, impaired short term memory and dizziness. Keep a water bottle at your desk at all times to help encourage drinking. Try to limit other beverages as well.

Chia Seeds
These little seeds will boost energy levels and are packed with nutrients. Used by the Ancient Aztecs to keep up energy and stay alert during war, chia seeds are packed with essential fatty acids. They also have high levels of protein and fiber. Find our chia pudding recipe here

Get some sun
It’s not surprising you feel fatigued from sitting in a room with fluorescent lighting all day. Sunlight energies and elevates mood. If you can’t get out of sleepy slump, try going outside for 15-20minutes.

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